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Cathay Pacific flies to over 40 destinations. Most Cathay Pacific flights are for destinations in Indonesia but there are flights to several other countries as well, like for example Vietnam and Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific has its base in Hong Kong from where 21 flights depart every week. Popular destinations for Cathay Pacific flights are to Clark and Manila. Utiket has a lot more information about Cathay Pacific and we can help you to find the best price.

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Popular destinations Cathay Pacific

  1. ticket Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong Flights Cathay Pacific to
    Hong Kong
  2. ticket Cathay Pacific - Taipei Flights Cathay Pacific to
  3. ticket Cathay Pacific - Beijing Flights Cathay Pacific to
  4. ticket Cathay Pacific - Bangkok Flights Cathay Pacific to
  5. ticket Cathay Pacific - Shanghai Flights Cathay Pacific to
  6. ticket Cathay Pacific - Singapore Flights Cathay Pacific to
  7. ticket Cathay Pacific - Kuala Lumpur Flights Cathay Pacific to
    Kuala Lumpur
  8. ticket Cathay Pacific - Seoul Flights Cathay Pacific to
  9. ticket Cathay Pacific - Manila Flights Cathay Pacific to
  10. ticket Cathay Pacific - Tokyo Flights Cathay Pacific to
  11. ticket Cathay Pacific - Osaka Flights Cathay Pacific to
  12. ticket Cathay Pacific - Kaohsiung Flights Cathay Pacific to
  13. ticket Cathay Pacific - London Flights Cathay Pacific to
  14. ticket Cathay Pacific - Jakarta Flights Cathay Pacific to
  15. ticket Cathay Pacific - Los Angeles Flights Cathay Pacific to
    Los Angeles

Rules and information for Cathay Pacific

  1. Free Checked baggage Cathay Pacific:Free Checked baggage
  2. Cathay Pacific IATA Code: CX
  3. Based in :Hong Kong

About Cathay Pacific

Although Cathay Pacific is based in tiny Hong Kong it has grown to be the third largest airline in the world and often one of the best rated airlines too. Cathay Pacific flies to 168 destinations worldwide in over fourty countries. The airlines was founded by an American and Australion former airforce pilots in 1946. With a single aircraft they flew to destinations like Manilla, Singapore and Bangkok. With the acquisition of Hong Kong Airways in 1959 it became the sole airline operating from Hong Kong and in the years after it grew rapidly and added destinations to Vancouver (Canada), San Fransisco and Europe. The new non-stop flight Hong Kong to New York in 1998 does not cross the Pacific but flies over the northpole saving three hours from the normal route and is one of the longest non-stop flights by distance (12.963km). In 1999 Cathay Pacific became the launch customer of the new Boeing 777 aircraft and in 2002 of the new four-engine Airbus A340. It invested heavily in new aircraft resulting having one of the youngest fleet in the world. It acquired its subsidiary Dragonair in 2006. Dragonair is a regional airline focused on destination in China. The Dragonair deal allowed Cathay to grow rapidly in mainland China.

baggageBaggage allowance

Each passenger is allowed to bring a carry-on baggage into the aircraft. The weight and size depends on your ticket class. for Economy class tickets and Premium Class Economy the weight limit is 7 kg. For Business class it is 10 kilo while for First Class it is 15kg. Checked-in baggage also depends on the ticket class, with 20kg for Economy up to 40kg for First class tickets.