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Yogyakarta, an introduction


Yogyakarta is the second most popular destinations for tourists in Indonesia. It is considered to be the cultural heart of the country with a large student and artist population. Although this is a popular destination visitor numbers, especially for international tourists are a fraction of those who come to Bali which makes Jogja more cheaper and more special.

Yogyakarta History

In the years 1568 - 1586 a kingdom existed in central Java called Pajang Kingdom. It was led by Sultan Hadiwijaya, known well as Jaka Tingkir. At a time Jaka Tingkir became in conflict with Arya Penangsang (one of the governors for Jipang Kingdom). At that time, Jaka Tingkir won, helped by Ki Ageng Pemanahan and his son, Bagus Sutawijaya, also known as Ngabehi Loring Pasar.

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things to see

Things to see

A must see and a reason why many travelers come here, is of course the world famous Borobudur, the largest budhist temple in the world. But don't forget to visit Prambanan temples a large Hindu complex and due to its fine architecture is often considered more impressive than the Borobudur.

If you are in high (dry) season and interested in culture be sure to see the Ramayana ballet in front of the Prambanan temples.

things to do

Things to do

If you are a bit adventurous there are several caves south of Jogja worth exploring. Some are filled with water and you can even go tubing down the cave.

Jogja has a huge student population and the city has a decent night scene, although it dwarfs compared to Jakarta or Bali. Check out Hugo's or Embassy near the airport or if the Republic located on the Jl Malioboro.

things to eat

Things to eat

The specialty food of Jogja is Nasi Gudeg. Gudeg is made of Jack Fruit which is boiled for several hours and mixed with spices, sugar and coconut milk. It is served with white rice, chicken, egg and tofu.

Things to see and do near Yogyakarta

Airport at Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is served by the Adi Sutjipto Airport.

The small and aging but cozy Adisucipto International Airport of Yogyakarta (or Jogja) is located just 6km east of the city centre on the highway to Solo. Although small it is busy and has many domestic as well as a few international destinations. The airport consists of one building for both domestic and international departures and arrivals. International arrivals and departures are on the left side, domestic departures in the centre and domestic arrivals at the far right side. The airport is named after an Indonesian pilot (Adi Sucipto) who died in the independence war with the Dutch. A new airport far away from Jogja is being discussed but it will take another decade before it will replace the existing Adisucipto Airport.

Entering the city from the airport

Although Yogyakarta International Airport has several public transportation options, the close proximity to the city center makes a taxi relatively cheap. The airport is the only airport in Indonesia with a railway station where commuter trains to the Yogyakarta Tugu central station (conveniently near the Jl. Sosrowijaya tourist centre) and to Solo (Surakarta) will stop. The train to Tugu station will depart about every hour in the day time, last train is at 19:44. The train ticket is only Rp 9000.

Alternatively you can take a bus: air-conditioned TransJogja busses depart in front of the train station to several destinations in Jogja. Take the underpass to get to either the train station or bus stop. Taxis can be booked at the taxi stand outside the domestic arrivals. Most destinations can be reached for the fixed price of Rp 60.000. You need to pay at the counter then proceed to the taxis and give your receipt to the driver.

Or, a more cheaper option, you can walk outside to the main road (Jalan Solo): cross the railroad track and continue for another 200 meters and turn left. Around the corner several taxis will be waiting and they will always use the meter making a journey into the city cost around Rp 40.000 to 50.000

Yogyakarta Train stations

Stasiun Tugu

Jl Pasar Kembang

This is the main trainstation for long-distance trains to for exampel Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang etc. The station is conveniently located in the city center near the Jl Malioboro and the Jl Sosrowijayan, a popular street with lots of hotels and cafe


Jl. Lempuyangan

Lempuyangan station is more used for local trains to for example Solo

Yogyakarta Bus Stations

Terminal Jombor

Jalan Magelang

This is the long distance bus terminal of Jogja were all busses for Jakarta and Surabaya depart.

Terminal Giwangan

Jl. Imogiri no:1

This southern located bus terminal is used for destination to the south, east and west of Jogja like Wonosobo, Wonosari etc.

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